SMS was the forerunner in the technology that lead to the more advanced and more effective MMS messages. With Buzz Mobile as the largest MMS statement supplier of Governmental business in South Africa and arguably the world, it is safe to assume that with that reputation and experience, it has all the operational ability to also deliver more functionality, rich features and expertise in stream lining better SMS campaigns.

Buzz Mobile has both a managed solution SMS service as well as a web based SMS self-help portal that is being used by various municipalities in South Africa.

The portal, accessible from any online browser, allows the user the opportunity to create either single SMS’s or bulk SMS sends. It has efficient capacity to upload external lists of cell numbers to which a static or highly personalised message can be sent.

Most municipalities use this SMS platform for
  • Personalised debt collection messages, -reminders or legal notices
  • Statement summaries and other financial communication
  • Traffic notifications
  • General public notices by the Municipality or any of its employed or elected officials
  • Notices of service delivery interruptions
  • Automatic, system generated operational or communication based messages to stakeholders
  • etc.
Given the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI), the system caters for legally mandatory opt-out, replies and safe data transfer features that would allow the user to adhere to both these laws and other laws governing electronic communications. Buzz Mobile is part of several professional bodies that self-regulate and champion these causes and are at the forefront of compliance best practices.