MMS Statements
Delivering rich, personalized mobile statements and reports to your customers in the most environmental-friendly and engaging way.

The Digital Solution

The current global trend is one focussed on a more environmentally friendly way of communicating with your clients and on that is more digitally orientated.

The benefits of MMS Statements:
  • Saving on traditional costs of up to 70%.
  • Instant Customer Communication - Require less preparation time.
  • Secure.
  • No printing, No paper - Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Zero Wastage.
  • No internet connection required.
  • Complies with the NCA act an is SARS compliant.
  • Proof of recept and delivery reports - Totally measurable.
  • Statement servers adhere to the strictest security regulations as required by leading financial institutions.

Database Scrubbing

Before the first Statement is sent, Buzz Mobile will run a complete Data Cleansing Scrub on your submitted data to ensure that we only communicate to MMS-enabled and active numbers.

After the scrub, we will provide you with a full report on what numbers were:
  • MMS Enabled.
  • SMS Enabled.
  • Non-active.
This ensures that no money is wasted sending MMS Statements to numbers that are unable to receiv them. An alternative channel will then be chosen (either SMS, Mobi, or Email) to send the client theri statement, ensuring that the entire base can be communicated to.

Campaign Reporting

Buzz will provide detailed reporting on all statement campaigns, during and after the send.
These reports will include:
  • Number of messages sent.
  • Delivery status of these messages.
  • Whether the messages were retrieved, rejected or expired.
Should other measurable campaign results be made available, these figures will be included in the reports. An alternative message can then be sent to clients who failed to receive their MMS statement.

Benefits of MMS

Zero Carbon Footprint
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by doing away with the need to print countless of personal statements.
Instant Communication
  • Information is available immediately and is more current.
  • Statements are up-to-date and show a more complete financial view to the recipient.
  • Mobile Statements are delivered immediately.
  • Complete measurability on all statement campaigns.
  • Track exactly who received the MMS.
  • Follow up and report on all call-to-action activations.
  • Statements are now more personal and feature client's details across all methods of delivery.
Absolutely Secure
  • Statement servers adhere to the strictest security regulations as required by leading financial institutions.
  • Data is stored only for th duration of the statement send.
Proof of Receipt
  • With our complete reporting solution, you have a full record of exactly when client's received their statements.