MMS Advanced
This is the normal MMS messages that you would get on your phone in either a video or slideshow format that could contain graphics, a voice over and/or rich sound such as jingles, songs or sound effects or animation. Buzz Mobile and its associated companies send close to 95% of all MMS traffic in South Africa according to the reports from the mobile networks.

Buzz Mobile is able to send these messages to ±97% of all phones in South Africa and is able to determine which phone the recipient is using beforehand to send him/her the best optimized message that gives the best viewing experience on their size screen.

Buzz Mobile also has the capability to determine if the cell number that the message would be sent to is MMS enabled and/or still active on the network. Thus eliminating the sending of messages that would otherwise never have reached the recipient and would have been billed for.

See below for an example of a storyboard of work done: