Who is Buzz Mobile?
Buzz Mobile focusses on the areas of exclusivity it has secured from Archer.

The exclusivity then includes:
  • "Local Government"; comprising of 278 municipalities (8 metropolitan, 44 district and 226 local).
  • "Municipal Entities"; companies, co-operatives, trusts, funds, or other corporate entity established in terms of any applicable national or provincial legislation and which operates under the ownership/control of one or more municipalities, and includes, the case of a company under such ownership control, any subsidiary of that company and includes such entity on metro, local and district level.
  • "Organised Local Government"; the organisations recognised in tems of section 2(1) of the Organised Local Government Act to represent Local Government nationally or provincially.
  • "The Provincial legislative"; In addition to this it includes th ruling political party and its affiliates.
The Archer relationship bring Buzz Mobile many advantages which include the unique ability to disseminate read more...
high volumes of personalised messages(which is by no means a simple task) but also the right of use/access to their valuable patents including Patent 2010/06747 "Method for sending out mobile Financial Summaries."

This is an extremely strong and important patent which has had a highly successful search done by the European Patent Office. This patent has also been filed in the National Phase Patent Applications in India, Nigeria, China, USA, Brazil, Thailand and the EPO (a 35 member European jurisdiction).

This patent provides for a method of sending out mobile financial summaries which method includes the steps of requesting, by means of a request processor, a financial summary from a multimedia message service(MMS) processor, authenticating the validity of the request by means of a security module, generating a financial summary by utilising a multiple overlay technique and transmitting the financial summary to a response processor.

The above patented process is the only way known to Archer and Buzz to send large volumes of personalised financial summaries. This gives Buzz a huge advantage. read less...
Why Buzz Mobile?
At Buzz Mobile, we’re dedicated to creating mobile engagement solutions that solve your business problems. We bring mobile strategy expertise, unmatched technology, and a client-driven services team to achieve the business results you seek: increased customer engagement, direct revenue generation, and reduced operating expenses.
  • Leader in MMS and marketing solutions.
  • Strategic partnership - offering guidance and assistance.
  • Scalable and flexible.
  • Industry experts.
  • Mobile Channel development experts.
  • Support - Our commitment to the partnership.
  • Knowledge-sharing partnership.
  • Creative expertise.
What we do?
  • We can send up to 500 MMS messages per second.
  • We determine the handset type and deliver the correctly configured MMS.
  • Personalized messaging Expertise - Personalized Message Engine.
  • Continuous research and development.
  • Already cater fo PUSH notifications (Apple, Android and Blackberry).
  • We have access to our own MMSC as an alternative.
  • Leaders in optimizing the message size in the carrier's space.